Tommy Milner's Corvette


Corvette TUSCC Driver Tommy Milner, takes us on a tour of his Corvette car whilst at Sebring this year. He shows us what makes Corvette so unique and what helps gives him the edge over his rivals...

Tommy Milner Corvette Show & Tell

When it comes to endurance racing, Corvette has been a benchmark of success largely due to the technology transfer between production vehicles and race cars.
Corvette Racing will field two of the new C7R cars in this year’s Tudor United SportsCar Championship and Driver Tommy Milner talks us this impressive piece of machinery.

Tommy Milner Corvette racing
So here we are with my brand new 2014 Corvette C7.R.  We have some pretty important details. We have this duct right here that helps with front down force, it helps extract the air from the front of the car, up over the top of the car.
Got these big wide front vendors in the front, which is a pretty big difference from the street car. again helps with a wider track, more grip more down force.
Moving on back we have these ducts here which helps with brake cooling and transmission cooling and differential cooling. But same exact placement on the street car. And then again we have our big wing in the back here which obviously helps balance out all that front down force that the car makes.

In addition to aerodynamic bodywork and a new aluminium frame, the return of direct fuel injection will promise greater efficiency over long distances.

Well here we are in my office. The car has been designed more for driver comfort than in years passed. Some key things we have like a tilting steering wheel now which is new for us which helps with driver changes. and then everything’s laid out a little bit nicer now.
We’ve really refined this from last year. Obviously paddles on the back of the wheel – right side for up-shift and left side for down-shift. We’ve taken some of the buttons, and some of the knobs off the steering wheel and put it on the console, So now we just have the two knobs we use the most, traction control knob and we have a knob for engine-mapping. So the radio is pretty important. The pit-speed button we use obviously quite a bit to not go over the speed limit in pit lane. Some turn signal buttons which is required by the rules. We don’t use those very often.
Probably the next coolest piece of technology that we have is our camera and our radar system which we’ve had in the car since last year, and it’s been a huge help for us as drivers to really manage traffic better than we could have in years passed.
It gives you shapes and colours and things like that to determine whether cars are going away from you or getting closer, So that’s been a really huge help for us.
And then we have our dash here in front of us that gives us all of the important information, we have tyre pressures, what gear we’re in, we have a fuel number which lets us know how much fuel we’ve used in a stint. We have any kind of alarms that may come up if we have any issues with the car, those show up there on the dash. Our lap time which is what we use the most, then we have a like a predictive lap time on there that lets us know if we’re faster or slower than whatever a base line lap time would be.

And then some of the less often used knobs and buttons and switches and things like that that we don’t usually use but might have to. So lots to play with but the most important ones are here on the steering wheel.

And that’s basically it, Corvette Racing have done a lot of work to make sure that they – the car is able to be adjusted however we like it best, which makes us more comfortable which makes us faster.



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